6 Fun Indoor Activities For Your Child

6 Fun Indoor Activities For Your Child

When you are unable to bring your child outside to play, there are activities that can be done indoors to keep them busy and have fun. Here are some of the interesting activities that will help keep your child on cloud nine.


All that you need is a doll and a piece of cloth. Let your little girl dress the doll up and try some outfits. 

This activity teaches babies to be creative and improves their language. 

The Small Talk 

Hold one of her dolls and pretend you're talking to it. Encourage your girl to do the same, care for her doll and dress it. 

Hide and Seek 

Hide one of their toys and tell them to look for it . When they find it, cheer and clap for them. 

Give them a flashlight and hide more than one toy in different places in the house. 

This activity boosts fine motor skills and knowledge of direction and improves their language. 

Get on Board 

Put your little one on a towel or a blanket. Gently pull the towel or blanket and move them around the house like it's a vehicle that stops at every station. 

This teaches kids balance and they learn to pretend. 

Cut and Paste 

You're going to need  white paper, faces cut out of a magazine and  glue 

Cut the eyes, nose, and mouth of the faces and ask your child to paste them on the paper to make funny faces. Teach your child how to use the glue and ask them questions like "what happens if we put it without a glue? Or why did this happen? 

This will help to encourage creativity and improve their language.

Source: Parents.com 

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