Bedtime Routine For Your Baby

Bedtime Routine For Your Baby

Do you find it difficult to get your little one to go to bed? A bedtime routine can help to solve the problem. When it comes to bedtime, you have to spend some time with your baby and not treat it like a 5-minute task. 

Benefits of a Bedtime Routine 

Creating a bedtime routine makes it easier for you to convince them to go to bed without much resistance when they become older.

A bedtime routine helps a lot when you're not at home. Say you're on vacation and want to put your baby to bed, following a routine will help to make it much easier and faster to get your little one to sleep. 

The sooner you start with your baby, the better it is. When you start a night routine early, your baby will get used to it, and it won't take much time to put them to bed.

How to Establish A Bedtime Routine? 

Start early at night so that you'll have enough time to help your baby without rushing them to fall asleep. 

Create simple activities your baby will love that won't make them overly excited. If your baby is under one year, activities can be as simple as a diaper change, put on their jammies and putting them in a rocking bed or chair. 

The bedtime routine should end in the bedroom. Even if you play with your baby in the living room, feed them in the kitchen, eventually put them in their bed.

Stick to the routine. Sticking to the routine is key to getting your baby into any habit. The earlier you start, the better it is. 

What Activities Should Be Included Before Bedtime? 

You want to include simple entertaining activities without making them too active. Here are some examples. 

Colouring Books 

Teach them to be creative by helping them draw and colour each night before bedtime. 

Give Them a Shower 

A bath can help your baby to relax and sleep. Bathing your baby at the end of the day is a good idea to cleanse the skin and help remove impurities accumulated on their skin throughout the day. 

Tell a Story 

Have a storybook next to their bed. Telling stories daily can help enhance their language skills. It also helps you spend more time with them and builds a connection.

Play a Game

Play simple games your baby enjoys every night. 

Sing Them a Lullaby

Creating a bedtime routine is a good habit that can have benefits for your baby. 

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