Fun Activities To Do With Your Toddler

Fun Activities To Do With Your Toddler

Your little one has got over tickling and playing peekaboo. Now its time to try new things that will not only keep them busy but will also teach them new skills and allow you to spend quality time with them.

A Snack Adventure 

Put different snacks in different covered bowls and let him open and try each one of them. This is a very helpful way to keep them busy while you discover their favorite food. 

Crayons and Paper

Give them a variety of colouring options and allow them to show their artistic skills on paper. They should be under your supervision while playing with pencils and crayons.

Exploring A Basket 

Children are full of curiosity. Give them a basket full of different objects, including toys. Please ensure that they are under supervision at all times so they do not put the items in their mouth.

Climbing The Mountain 

Set up some pillows at different levels on their bed and let them explore under your supervision.

Toy Hide And Seek 

Put a small or a medium size toy under one of three cups and let them find out which one contains the toy. 

Measure And Mix 

This is one of the Montessori games that will not only let them have fun but also will build their skills. For this activity, you can use coloured small objects, or just use some pasta or rice. Let them use a measure or a container to transfer the objects from one bowl to another.

Putting Small Toys In The Bottle 

Give them a wide-mouthed bottle and some toys or objects and let them put them all in the bottle then, empty the bottle again. 

Kick The Ball 

A fun activity to do both outdoors and indoors. Next time you go on a picnic don't forget to bring a light colorful ball. 

What are some fun activities you like to do with your baby?

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