Managing Your Time With A Baby & An Older Child Starting School

Managing Your Time With A Baby & An Older Child Starting School

If you have a baby on one hand and an older child who is starting school very soon on the other hand, you are probably feeling overwhelmed. Here are some tips that will help you get everything done and give each child the care they need: 

Get Prepared Early 

There's not enough time for procrastination in the world of motherhood. Buying the uniform, paying school fees, getting school supplies ready are just some of the things to be done. To save running around just before school starts, try to organise everything for school a few weeks in advance.

Get Help With Your Baby And The House 

Even if you're burning a candle at both ends, you'll need someone to help you when you have a baby and an older child about to start school. While you are focusing on your older child, the person helping you can look after your baby and the house.

For instance, you can have a maid that helps you with the house or you can leave your baby with their dad or grandmother when you are busy with your older child or running errands.

Delegate Some Work 

Don't aim to do everything on your own. For example, you can order groceries by phone or online, or you can ask your husband to pay a visit to astationery store instead of you. 

Wake Up One Hour Earlier 

Early mornings are productive. If you feel that you're always in a rush and running short of time, waking up an hour earlier than you used to can really help with your time management and completing tasks. 

Even though having a baby and an older child can be overwhelming at the start, things will be more manageable once you establish a daily routine.

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