Motivate Your Child to Read

Motivate Your Child to Read

Some people wonder when it is time to let their child start reading. Should they wait till the beginning of school, or start earlier? In this article, we will show you the benefits of reading to your child at a young age and how to motivate them to make it their favourite hobby.

Reading can enhance and develop your child's mental and linguistic skills, so it is important to start reading them stories from a young age. 

Reading Tips: 

• The more you enjoy reading time, the more your child will enjoy it, as they will feel the excitement and enthusiasm as you are reading them the stories.

• When you read to your child, slide your finger under each word to show them that the story is in between those words. It will help them to slowly recognise the word.

• Use funny sounds which will make your child excited about the story. 

• Point to pictures and ask your child about the names of its elements and elaborate more on their link to the story and to real life. 

• If they ask you a question, stop immediately and answer them. This will encourage them to express their views more.

• Continue reading to your child even after they have learned to read by themselves, as you can level them up with more complex stories.

• Stop at the new words and start to elaborate more on them to your child to let them recognize these words later. 

• Make it a habit to read them a story daily. 

• Leave some colourful books and magazines at your child's room to encourage them to go through them themselves. 

• Let your child know what you are reading at your spare time to set an example as a role model.

• Know what book categories your child prefers and buy more books from those categories.

*This article is for information purposes only. It does not represent Ego's advice or views.