Playing Time With Your Baby

Playing Time With Your Baby

Wondering what other fun activities you can play with your baby? Here are a few easy and yet fun activities to help stimulate your baby's development whilst having lots of fun playing with them.


You don't have to buy expensive toys to enhance your baby's physical development, just use small boxes (shoes boxes, gift boxes) and cover it with newspapers or colorful pieces of paper then let him uncover the box and open it. The sound of tearing paper plus your encouragement will help him complete this task. Please ensure that the baby is under adult supervision to avoid choking.

Funny Clothes: 

What can bring you more joy than seeing your baby laugh? Encouraging your baby to laugh will help to contribute to the development of their sense of humour. So, pay attention to everything they see as funny and repeat it regularly; try wearing big hats, big sunglasses, oversized colourful clothes and make funny faces. 

Pointing Strength: 

Carry your baby when you're out and point at some things while saying: "What is it? It's a car. What colour is it? It's blue". Even if your baby doesn't seem interested at first, with repetition you'll be surprised that after a while they will start recognising the items.

What to choose: 

Which toy will you pick? Put two toys in your baby's hands, then get a third one. Give them some time to make a decision. Either they'll drop one of the toys so that  they can pick the third one, or they'll try to pick all three of them at the same time, or will just be satisfied with the toys in their hands and ignore the third one. 

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