Taking Care of Your Baby’s Skin in Winter

Taking Care of Your Baby’s Skin in Winter

The cold and probably windy weather in winter can make babies' skin more prone to dryness. Here are some tips to help take care of your baby's skin and prevent skin dryness.

Shower or Bath

Keep your baby's baths short and use warm water. Cleanse their skin with a soap-free cleanser and use a soap-free shampoo and conditioner for their hair. Remember to moisturise your baby's skin after their bath or shower and during the day, as required. Use a gentle, fragrance free moisturiser.

When You Going Out

Limit your baby's exposure to the sun and cold outdoor weather. If you need to step out of the house with your baby, remember to apply sunscreen to your baby's skin and your own skin. Apply sunscreen as per the label. You may need to reapply the sunscreen while outdoors. Sunscreens with physical blockers like titanium dioxide are preferred for use on babies' skin.

Dress your baby in protective clothing including gloves, a cap which covers their head and ears, as well as socks and shoes for their feet. You can also cover your baby's stroller with a light cover. Remember to wear protective clothing, a hat and eyewear yourself and seek shade.

NOTE: Overheating of the baby's skin should be avoided.

Consult your paediatrician for any queries about your baby's skin or for information on taking care of your little one's skin.


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