QV Kids


QV Kids range is designed to cleanse, moisturise and help care for young skin. The entire range is dermatologically tested, free from soap, fragrance and other common irritants, making it ideal for even sensitive skin types. 

  • QV Kids Wash

    QV Kids Wash

    A fun way to gently cleanse children's face, body and hair.
  • QV Kids Moisturising Cream

    QV Kids Moisturising Cream

    A fun way to moisturise!
  • QV Kids Balm

    QV Kids Balm

    Helps to soothe extremely dry or cracked skin.
  • QV Kids Hair Shampoo

    QV Kids Hair Shampoo

    A gentle, foaming shampoo with glycerin to cleanse and help hydrate.

Where to Buy

We want you to have the best support and advice when selecting the product for your skin. That is why you’ll only find QV in store or online with our pharmacy partners. 

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