QV Kids Products

QV Kids skincare is designed to cleanse, moisturise and help care for young skin. The entire range is dermatologically tested, free from soap, fragrance and other common irritants, making it ideal for even sensitive skin types.

The Fun Way to Wash

  • QV Kids Wash

    A fun way to gently cleanse children's face, body and hair.
  • QV Kids Bar

    A fun way to cleanse children's face and body

Koki and Kidzi Bathing Tips

✔️Use warm, rather than hot water to bathe your child: hot water removes natural skin oils faster*

✔️Keep your child's bath and shower short: 5 to 10 minutes

✔️Use a gentle, soap-free cleanser as soap can strip the skin's layer of oils

✔️Gently pat your child's skin dry after bathing


The Fun Way to Moisturise

  • QV Kids Moisturising Cream

    A fun way to moisturise!
  • QV Kids Balm

    Helps to soothe extremely dry or cracked skin.

Koki and Kidzi Moisturising Tips

✔️When selceting a moisturiser, consider the dryness of your child's skin and their preference for the product type, e.g. cream vs. balm.

✔️When selecting a moisturiser, consider a cream or ointment, depending on the dryness of your child's skin. Avoid products containing frangrance: fragrance can irritate skin.

✔️Use a humidifier in the house and try to keep the indoor temperature comfortable. Hot, or cold dry air can cause or worsen skin dryness and the associated itch. 

The Fun Stuff For Your Child's Hair

  • QV Kids Hair Shampoo

    A gentle, foaming shampoo with glycerin to cleanse and help hydrate.